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Gateway Stats

Channel: 4
Operating Hours: 24/7
Grid: IO83QJ
Live Since: 02/07/03
Gateway keeper: Nathan


Welcome to the home page for the UK095-L PMR446 Internet Gateway in
Warrington, Cheshire, UK.

PLEASE NOTE that as of late 2007 the gateway is no longer online.
At this time it is unknown if it will return.

Channel: 4
Operating Hours: 24/7
Grid: IO83QJ
Live Since: 02/07/03

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There are PMR446 Internet Gateways up and down the UK and now across the world that anybody with a PMR446 radio can have access to. As an example of how this works, someone within range of my gateway link can talk through that link, over the internet, and out through another gateway in, say, Belgium or Australia. Someone within range of that second gateway can then communicate back and thus establish a conversation.

Accessing the gateway using your PMR446 Radio

All the gateways operate a CTCSS access system which requires a CTCSS capable radio with CTCSS set to 127.3Hz (CTCSS tone 19 on most radios).

To access the Warrington gateway set your radio to Channel 4, CTCSS code 19

The gateway is very easy to use. You use it as you would with a normal one to one communication, no callsigns are required, just call CQ or just a straightforward 'Hello, this is X calling from Y, anyone copy?' and you might be surprised who comes back to you as there are gateways all over the world. Note that there can often be a delay from the station that you are speaking to and don't forget to wait for the pips after their over before you transmit. It is also best to press the PTT button on your radio and wait a second before speaking to make sure the beginning of your over doesn't get cut off.
If you don't have CTCSS on your radio you won't be able to transmit to the gateway but you will still be able to listen in on Channel 4.

When the system is idle the gateway will play this voice message every 10 minutes identifying the gateway. This message was generated using The Festival Speech Synthesis System on Linux.

During the week the network is fairly quiet during the daytime with most activity taking place during the evening and at the weekend but if it is quiet call CQ, a lot of people are monitoring even if they're not talking...

There are just a few Do's and Don'ts that will help keep the network sane: Don't swear, don't use call or ring tones, do switch off 'roger beeps' if possible.


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