This server exists to provide various internet related services to members of the Chantrell family.
Some of the publicly accessible things here include:
Latest status updates:
17 February 2010: Web server upgraded to a 3.2GHz dual core Pentium E5800 with 2Gb RAM.
28 July 2007: A dodgy PSU blew the web servers motherboard and hard drive up on Monday, a new Athlon XP 2800+ based system has been installed and everything is slowly being restored. A few things might come and go as things are tweaked.
3 January 2006: All web services have now moved on to a 1.2Ghz AMD Duron based server so things should be much faster. The old HP PA-RISC machine that has been running this site for the last 5 years had become increasingly unreliable over the last few months and was showing its lack of speed with the addition of more services so it had to go. I'm pretty sure everything is working as it should but please let me know if you find something that isn't.
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